About the application


About the application

The apps major work is to correlate between the courts executive branch and the client Nafeeth main purpose is to facility the clients work with the court In Saudi Arabia , by Appling on behalf of the client so the lawyer can submit all needed information by the court to proceed with the client service which is submitting the legal document of carts order the executive branch to implement the order there for the information is required by the court from the client through nafeeth Nfeeth is an app that aiming to make it easier to our clients to execute their claims without actually going physical to courts or lawyers. Application implemented The implementation of the implementation aims to provide the service to creditors through the client requesting the service from the service provider and sending the identification papers, where the service port takes legal measures to provide the service through the enforcement court as well as an agency between the service provider and the beneficiary of the service and the debtor's demand to pay the fee

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who are we

Prime Legal Support is delighted to provide to you our legal work. We appreciate the significance of time constraints ,speed , quality of execution and the liability to deploy a dedicated and experienced team . The value P.L.S will bring to you

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we work as a team on a range of legal issues.

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you will have a dedicated core team of local lawyers in K.S.A and our team around the G.C.C

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